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90min. | CHF 222.-

Studio namAloha Yoga, Goldswil or via Zoom

Heart Activation

Are you open to sit in a sacred space and receive guidance from your soul? are you ready to dive deeper into your own truth?

During this sacred ceremony we use the ancient medicine of mama cacao to bring us back to our own essence, the deep connection to our heartspace

Cacao allows you to connect deeper to your heart, your intuition and all that is beyond your condition. the medicine invites you to drop from your mind into your body and experience what it means to embrace your truth!

The Ceremony will include

  • energy healing

  • pranayama&meditation journey

  • somatic practice

  • oracle card

this is a sacred portal, come without any expectations, as every session is as unique as the receiver. 

Sacred Cacao Ceremony 1:1
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